Best Educational Apps for Toddlers on Kindle Fire
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As much as you may detest giving your kid a tab to lure him into eating or staying quiet, you just cannot avoid it, right? Technology has surely made life easier. However, it can have a negative impact on your child too.

Since he uses it anyway, you can make sure that your toddler learns from the tab he is using. This is where the Kindle Fire comes in. It is for kids and you can breathe while they are busy both learning and having fun.

There are many educational apps on Kindle Fire that make your tasks of teaching the child easier for you. Let’s get to know about them.

The Kindle Fire Tablet

You can provide your toddler with any tab you want. However, it may be best to give him the Kindle Fire Tablet itself. Why? Why not iPhone or any other device?

Because it is a tablet that is particularly suitable for toddlers. You will find that it is cheaper than other tablets available. So, even if your toddler manages to throw it away somewhere, you won’t be crying over the loss feeling helpless. And, when your toddlers cry for one, you can buy them one again.

Furthermore, the tablet has a build that makes it suitable for toddlers. It is so durable that even if it falls from the toddler’s hand, it won’t suffer a screen break easily and will function just like before. Furthermore, it features a number of parental control measures. Therefore, you can rest without worries knowing that your toddler won’t be ordering products worth $50.

You can set up accounts for each of your children and give them access to selected things. This will help you keep them protected from various contents that you do not want to expose them to either.

Educational Apps that you can consider for your Toddler

1. Panda’s Airport

It may be close to a nightmare taking your toddler with you on a trip. They are kids and so excited that they do not want to stay in one place and end up making a scene. Therefore, the seats in the place feel smaller with them and their cries louder.

But, you can prepare your toddler for the ride. In fact, the Dr. Panda’s Airport app takes you, kid, through the whole airport procedures and to the plane. It is educational in the sense that your toddler learns what actually happens at the airport.

He will end up feeling as if he is in the game itself. Therefore, it will be easier for you to keep his behavior in check. Because, thanks to the game, he will keep his own behavior in check.

2. Pepi Bath

One of the greatest challenges with a toddler is teaching them to be hygienic themselves. They may even get irritated when you ask them to brush their teeth. In fact, they do not put much thought into it. What they do is, they know they have to do it and they lose interest in doing it regularly.

When they play a game that shows you them that their favorite characters do what they are asked to do- they get a new outlook for it. In fact, the Pepi Bath lets your toddler help a girl or boy character to clean, brush, bath, etc. So, they understand that brushing teeth and the other such activities are necessary and they also learn how to do it in the best way.

3. Teach Your Monster to Read

Do you know how humans learn best by teaching? With the Teach your monster to read app you can let your toddler play the role of a teacher. In fact, he will feel so important and responsible that he will learn things that he does not even know about. The toddler will learn as he tries to teach his monster.

Apparently, it will help your toddler arrange and match letters along with hearing sounds and also read stories. Therefore, your toddler will be learning things way before he goes to school.

4. Wild Kratts Rescue Run

This is a game that will help your child get some thrill. It lets the toddler play the role of one of the three characters. Then, your toddler will go on a journey to save animals.

So, from the very start of your kid’s life, you will be instilling a love for animals in them. Furthermore, this app lets your toddler explore the South American Rainforest, Australian Outback, and snowy North American forest. The toddler will get an idea of how forests look even if they have not been there.

On top of that, it helps your toddler gain some problem-solving skills right at the beginning of their lifetime.

5. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

One of the best ways to teach someone is by giving them rewards in the end. The Monkey Preschool Lunchbox does exactly that. Apparently, it helps your toddler learn how to color, count, match, etc. It also makes your toddler solve puzzles.

This will improve not just your toddler’s analytical abilities but also teach him important things that he will learn in school later. However, he won’t take the serious lessons as seriously because it will feel like a game to him.

It is a monkey that teaches and guides your toddler in this game. So, it is quite interactive and creative as well.

6. Little Piano (Pro)

Sometimes it is alright if your toddler is not learning something academic from the games. In fact, you want your toddler to take interest in a number of things including music. One such game would be the little Piano Pro. Your toddler can stay distracted by learning and playing songs on this app.

Very much like a real piano, it will introduce your kid to the world of music. When your toddler actually wants to learn a piano, he won’t find it as intimidating. Because he has had lots of practice with the Little Piano app!

One downside to this may be the sound that comes out. If your toddler plays it a lot then you may feel a bit irritated. Apparently, it is not the best app to have on a trip or if you are on a plane. However, it still teaches your toddler to enjoy life and that is very important.

7. LeapFrog Academy Learning

Do you want access to a lot of learning content for your toddler? Then, Leapfrog Academy Learning provides you with all and even areas that you haven’t thought about. It does not just include mathematics and science but also music and more.

Your child will be able to explore the world of learning and choose for himself what he really likes. Or, you could just expose him to the things that you think he will like. You have to subscribe to this app to get all of what it provides. But, you can rest assured that it is quite a satisfying app. Because it has pretty much everything in it. Also, it is created by people who know how a child’s mind works.

8. Where’s My Perry

Sometimes you need to expose your child’s brain to such things that he finds perplexing. One such thing is the task of the mysterious Perry, the Platypus. You can couple this game with the show Phineas and Ferb and make your toddler get more interested in it. It would be a great start because kids like an unlimited supply of the world they truly like.

So, if they like the show, they will want to get interactive and play the game. And, when they play the game, they will get to solve puzzles to get Platypus to its headquarters. The toddler will gain both problem-solving skills and some technical ones to move Perry.

Furthermore, he will have lots of fun with a character he considers either his friend or himself. An intelligent start to the journey of learning.

9. Prodigy Math Game

Let us first agree that this might not be the easiest start for a toddler. However, you can let him explore the world of math and gain interest in it. When they do start and as they keep meeting each of the challenges, they will want to do more with this app.

Furthermore, this app not only teaches your toddler but it also clears many misunderstandings. So, as the toddler goes on to solve math problems and then makes mistakes, he also finds out about the mistake he made and why it was a mistake.

No, it won’t turn your kid into a prodigy immediately. However, it will pave the way.

10.  ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

It is better to take baby steps for a toddler because that is what suits them. The ABC Kids app helps your toddler learn the English Alphabets in a colorful way. He can also learn about Phonics easily.

The app has a user-friendly interface that helps your toddler make no mistakes. Furthermore, it won’t display ads and display your toddler. So, this is an app that has not given in to the marketing world and craving for money. Your child can learn easily through it too without misclicks leading them somewhere else.

11.  123 Numbers – Count and Tracing

If you do not want to make learning numbers too hard for your kid, you can start with this 123 Numbers app. In fact, it not only introduces your kid to the numbers with different colors but it also helps them learn how to count. That too using balloons.

So, your toddler will like playing this game, if not for the numbers, for the balloons they can count. And, colors really do play tricks on the toddler’s brain. The animations resulting from a correct match will also ingrain the learning in your toddler’s brain.

12.  Shape Builder – Learning Puzzle Game

If you want to start with the very basics, then you can start with the shape builder puzzle game as well. It will teach your toddler about the various shapes that exist with some brilliant colors. In fact, they will be able to learn about letters, firemen and more too.

It is the eyes of the toddler that catches most so the shape building game with its visual representation and colors can really enter your toddler’s brain easily.

13.  Thinkrolls 2

This is an app that will make your toddler actually use their brain. In fact, it will take your toddler on a journey of solving mazes. On the way, your toddler will meet characters with different abilities.

Then, he will have to use these abilities, which is mostly related to physics like gliding or such an activity, in the required place. Therefore, it will make your toddler’s brain sharper and he will also be using his brain very often.

14.  Writing Wizard – Kids Learn To Write Letters & Words

People learn best by creating. Your toddler does not only need to know the letters but they also should learn to write them. The writing practice gets a new level when there is color and sounds added to it. Furthermore, you can get reports on your child’s progress.

And, as he progresses, you can increase the difficulty level for him. This is how the app will let you not be hard in your learning toddler. It’s alright to want them to learn but it is also necessary to cut some slack.

In conclusion

Much of what we become as adults depend on what we are exposed to as children. It could be the good things or the traumatic ones that shape the child. Your focus as a guardian or parent does not cause any kind of trauma but exposes your child to learning in a fun way.

You want them to learn and also enjoy the carefree life they have right now. Because life is hard and you have to prepare them for the tough world while also making sure that they are not too hard on themselves.

Kindle Fire has taken up this responsibility coolly with all its learning apps. These apps are powerful because these are professional and they know what a toddler need. So, choose what you want to teach your toddler and get the app.

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