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Nothing beats the taste of home cooked foods. Not only are they healthy and nutritious, but home cooked-foods tend to have a certain charm to them which fast food or high-end restaurant dishes do not possess. This is why most people prefer cooking up their own meals instead of spending tons of money over restaurant cuisine.

But we know that cooking your meals is not exactly an easy thing to do, as cooking a full course meal requires a lot of planning and prior preparation. However, thanks to the internet, you can now learn literally everything about cooking right from the comfort of your own living-room.

To make things easier for you, we made a list of the best online cooking classes that you can attend, in order to hone your cooking skills. So without further ado, let us get started!

1. Udemy

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Udemy is a site known by many because of the large range of courses they offer online. Alongside various academic courses on science-y subjects and marketing, their list also includes courses on gastronomy where you can learn anything and everything about cooking. From the basics to the most difficult of culinary challenges, Udemy is here to help you through it all.

What you’ll learn and how to utilize those skills

The best part about these courses is that you do not need to go out on a regular basis and face the traffic in order to get to your class. Moreover, because of the classes being held online, you get to complete these courses at your own pace and even re-watch the class videos as many times you want to. If you are one of those people who are uncomfortable with speaking in public, these courses are perfect for you.

By the end of each course, you will probably be able to cook a multitude of various cuisines. Maybe you can finally bake that cake you have been drooling over for forever now, or even cook up a full course Italian meal, with dessert for your loved ones!

Payment method

How much you need to pay depends on which course you choose to take. Selecting a course in Udemy is not too difficult because this amazing site offers a custom suggestion tool thus letting you select whichever course you think would be best suited for you.

2. Rouxbe Online Culinary School

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What could possibly be better than attending one of the world’s best online culinary schools? Rouxbe Online Culinary School is aimed at helping both, novices and professional chefs who already have prior knowledge in the culinary world, with top tier cooking tips and techniques. If you already know the how-to’s and why’s of cooking and are simply looking for a way to sharpen your skills even further, this online school would be the one for you.

What you’ll learn and how to utilize those skills

In this amazing school they will teach you anything you need to know about cooking. Moreover, they also offer classes for aspiring chefs and restaurateurs on food hygiene and safety, all at your own pace! Skills you learn from these courses can be applied to your day-to-day life on a regular basis.

Rouxbe Online Culinary School also operates on other social media accounts such as YouTube and Instagram, so you can easily catch up on videos and tutorials you have missed through the above-mentioned social media platforms.

Payment method

The membership fee for this course is $9.99 per month. However, if you are not too sure whether you really want to attend this school or not, you do not need to worry because Rouxbe also offers a 30-day free trial for all its new students. While attending lessons during the free-trial session, you can decide whether you want to keep learning at Rouxbe Online Culinary School or not. Quit wasting time and check the site out already!

3. Masterclass

Similar to the other ones on this list, Masterclass is yet another renowned online platform for learners, where they get to attend lessons guided by amazing teachers from all culinary fields.

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Masterclass also offers culinary classes, but what sets this specific online platform apart from the rest is that here, famous stars like Gordon Ramsay and Dominique Ansel will be acting as your cooking instructors. With this information in mind, you can rest assured that your cooking journey will be in safe hands.

Courses in Masterclass can also be completed at your own pace and you will also be taught even the most basics of cooking during your time here.

What you’ll learn and how to utilize those skills

At Masterclass, you can learn everything about cooking, from the most basics to the most complex techniques. Whether you are a chef at a renowned restaurant or someone who is just getting started, Masterclass is for everyone.

If you already work as a chef, the skills you learn here can be applied to your real-life work, and likewise, even if cooking is just a hobby for you, attending classes at Masterclass will make the experience in the kitchen definitely more worthwhile.

Payment method

You can attend lessons at Masterclass for only $180 per year. Moreover, if you are still not sure whether you really will continue with this course after a while or not, you can enter your email-address on their website and sample some of their best classes for free.

4. Delish

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If attending an online cooking class is too hectic for you, or if you have a really packed schedule most of the time, you can opt for Delish where their videos give off a more relaxed vibe. Every day of the week, they broadcast a new live-stream video on Instagram where you will be taught how to make various foods using the ingredients you probably already have at home.

Moreover, if you are someone who is looking for new recipes to use while making dinner or maybe even a light snack, then you will definitely find Delish to be the most helpful out of all the sites we mentioned here today in this article.

What you’ll learn and how to utilize those skills

At Delish, they focus more on teaching you the basics like how to make really creamy mashed potatoes or Fettuccine Alfredo, etc within a few minutes. Whatever you learn at Delish can be utilized instantly in real life.

For example, you can watch a quick video on how to make creamy mashed potatoes right before dinner and then use your newly gained knowledge to create something incredible for your loved ones.

In case you ever miss out on any of the daily live-streams, you can check out their YouTube channel where they post tutorials on literally everything, from making Korean ramen to baking pizzas, etc.

Payment method

Unlike the rest of the best online cooking classes for home cooks that we mentioned on this article today, Delish is a completely free of cost site!

5. The Chef and The Dish

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At the Chef and The Dish, all of the classes are held live, which means that you will be on a Skype video call with professional chefs who will be acting as your mentors while you make your dish. This method is especially helpful for people who require extra attention during the preparation phase.

Moreover, you do not need to wait for too long to get an answer to any questions that you might have. The best thing about The Chef and The Dish is that all of the tutors appointed by this great online class are known to be more or less multilingual in speech. This way, you can make the most out of your Skype session even if English is not your first language.

What you’ll learn and how to utilize those skills

Your experience at The Chef and The Dish will be exactly like that in a real-life offline cooking class. You will be taught how to make dishes from various cuisines worldwide which you can boast about to your friends and colleagues and use in your everyday life whenever you want to.

Payment method

Classes are offered at $300 for every two participant so you can even attend these classes with a friend or a family member. This is extremely beneficial for those who can grasp onto a topic more easily if they learn it with someone else. The payment amount might seem a lot at first, but trust us when we claim that this is actually budget friendlier than monthly subscriptions.

6. America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School

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Before you start attending classes at America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School, you can take a short quiz, which is designed to inform you what your skills are when you start. Based on the results of the quiz, you can start working on all the weak areas of your culinary knowledge and become a pro in no time.

What you’ll learn and how to utilize those skills

As you move forward with the lessons, you will get the opportunity to work either on your own or with an instructor. If you have any questions regarding your dish, you can send a private message to an expert instructor who will provide you with a feedback that you can take a note of for use in the future.

This amazing site offers classes for beginners as well as for advanced cooks, so you do not need to worry if you do not know even the basics of cooking. What’s more interesting about this website is that they also teach you how to shop efficiently.

Payment method

You can start your journey at America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School by signing up with your email address for a 3-week free trial. Details of further payment will be given to you by them once you have successfully signed up for your course. However, if you ever feel like you want to stop, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

7. ChefSteps

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From how to make poached eggs to seamless Ravioli, ChefSteps covers everything you need to know in the culinary world. Lessons are taught by professional chefs whose passion for cooking runs deep. Their videos are fun and informative, and if you have any confusion at all regarding any dish, you can get your question answered at their Community Q&A Zone.

ChefSteps teaches you the basics by taking a scientific approach to every topic. If you are a science fanatic, you will find the classes here extremely helpful and interesting.

What you’ll learn and how to utilize those skills

After attending the baking classes that they offer, you will be able to bake your best friend or a family member a cake for their next birthday, without having to worry about placing an order for the pastry days ahead of the party.

Besides birthdays, you can use the skills you learn here to cook or bake something delicious for a special occasion like a house-warming party. Furthermore, you can utilize these skills in your profession if you are a chef at a restaurant or hotel.

Payment method

At ChefSteps you can get free access to all premium videos and tutorials as well as scientific insights and recipes for only $69 per year! Right when you get started, you will be asked for your email address, which will enable you to sign up for a 2 week free trial. On top of that, your yearly subscription can be cancelled anytime without any penalties at their official website.

8. Cakeflix

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The best way to make a baker happy is by enrolling them (or yourself if you love pastries just as much) into an online baking class! One such impressive online class that happens to be taking the internet by storm is Cakeflix. This program has its roots dug deep into various social media platforms, namely YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Their versatility in social media platforms makes it easier for baking enthusiasts to learn from literally anywhere!

What you’ll learn and how to utilize those skills

Cakeflix is widely renowned due to its various categories when it comes to baking scrumptious goodies. This is the place you should check out if you want to learn more about how to bake, design and decorate a beautiful cake right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Currently, the site has more than 200,000 members worldwide approximately, which clearly gives you an idea of how popular the site really is. You can learn a range of different baking styles if you follow the videos uploaded by this site, starting from small muffins to delectable birthday cakes for kids to even humongous geode cakes for parties and weddings. The possibilities are endless!

Payment Method

You can easily get a membership to every video in this online cooking school for a moderate amount of cash. However, the best thing about this site is that you can always win super cool prizes and whatnot by competing in various challenges and competitions held by the site.

Why you should opt for one of these best online cooking classes for home cooks?

It is quite natural that an online class will never be the same as an offline one. This difference is what makes a lot of people feel icky whenever they are told to check out an online cooking class. However, it is also easy to suffice that online cooking classes hold some benefits to them which physical classes do not possess. What are they, you ask?


Well for starters, online cooking classes are way more convenient than physical ones. You can easily attend an online cooking session right from the comfort of your own home, while even having your night pajamas on! We doubt you can do that outside of your home.

Other than that, you can also schedule a class to your own convenience. You cannot really do that with a physical cooking class as you will be required to attend within a specific time period. However, that is certainly not the case with an online cooking class.


Another great feature about online cooking classes is that you can easily re-watch a cooking video or tutorial in case you missed out on it the first time it was uploaded. You can definitely ask your cooking teacher for pointers now and then in real life too, however, you cannot simply start bombarding the tutor with a barrage of questions constantly.

But on the other hand, you can check out a video as many times as you want when it comes down to learning how to cook through online classes. So which do you think really is more convenient anyway?

The Quality

Unlike an offline cooking class, you will most probably be alone or maybe with a loved one while watching the videos and tutorials uploaded by online cooking classes. This reduces chances of distractions by numbers, therefore also enhancing the quality of the dish you are preparing.

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